I recently designed collateral for Northern Plains Resource Council's 51st Annual Meeting. The theme was Bringing Democracy Home, in celebration of the Montana constitution. 
I began with a branding brainstorm document to help the team hone in on our core message, the specific values we wanted to celebrate during the event, and the imagery we associate with those values. 
Deliverables included event branding, a logo and illustration, and an animation to be used on social media and on welcome screens at the event. The imagery evokes the building of power that happens when we each participate in our democracy, like the sprouting of a tree. The collage depicts influential past and current leaders of the movement, particularly women, as well as families and communities participating in agricultural and benefitting from local food sovereignty. And as an Easter Egg, I added a snippet of a speech made by a former women leader talking about what can happen when people work together to create change in their communities.
Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects
Branding Guidelines and Illustration
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