I created the branding for a rally at the capitol in Helena, MT during the 2023 Legislative Session. The rally was to support the state constitution. Like the growing wave of partisanship seen in states across the country, the Constitution was under threat of amendments that would slash many of the rights it protects. I was tasked with creating rally signs that were passed out to attendees, and a banner that hung in the capitol rotunda during the event. The message needed to convey a shared love and reverence for the Constitution across party lines.
My designs were inspired by the idea of the Constitution being woven into the fabric of the state of Montana. I took visual inspiration from collage art, particularly woven strips of paper. The various lines are woven together with visuals that define Montana's politics and democracy, the words on the Constitution document itself and the capitol building. 
Software: Illustrator, Photoshop
Rally Sign
Vinyl Banner (W: 10' x H: 3')
The banner displayed in the capitol rotunda during the event. 

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